May 8, 2019

DSP – Lead Buyer Functionality

We’ve started promoting our new Private Sources to Buyers with a feature banner within the platform.

Buyer settings section just got an “Access mode” block extension with new interface rights configurations for a view-only users or… basically every role model that comes to mind.

We’re also secretly cooking a brand new payout rules management interface. It’s in the works still, but you can get a sneak-peek in our demo vide down below.

Publisher updates

To support a fruitful partnership with Forensiq, fraud score check is now also available for API publishers via publisher settings.

Publishers now have access to an updated Billing overview based on NetSuite integration and a “Historic billing” button to access data on periods before 2019.

Disposition Data – Now with more speed

Improved user experience for the disposition files upload – now on a Mapping step users will see only the statuses that are present in a file that’s currently being uploaded. Less work = more profit!

Disposition statuses update will be getting a speed boost and also a massive decrease of influence on the main lead flow. We’re rolling this next week to make sure it’s properly monitored.

API limits

Global API limits: to protect platform stability and get more control over the system load coming from external API users, new API Limits engine was introduced.

Publisher API limits: API Limits can also be applied on a specific Publisher level to make sure that some extensive Pings lover doesn’t slow down the whole Lead Flow for those other nice guys. As a bonus, we now have control over the selection of API call types that are available for a specific publisher. 

Additionally, worth mentioning that now Publisher settings have a new interface of a Partner token generation – an alternative and much secure way to authorize in PX API.

Source management

Jornaya is now integrated to campaign’s payout & filter management with an extensive selection of filters to build upon. Disposition data uploads now running smoothly, all major issues were resolved. Available leads column in Source Management report was updated to show more accurate results.

UX improvements

2019 is all about Customer-centric for PX! With this aim in mind, we’re bringing our knowledge and live support closer to you, the users! Every logged-in user of PX (including Managers, Publishers and Buyers) now has an access to Support widget in lower right corner of every admin page:

  1. Widget opens up with the search field, which allows to quickly find answers in our Knowledge Base and read articles within the widget itself;
  2. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Use “Get in touch” button with 2 options:
  3. “Live chat” – where you can quickly discuss certain matters or ask for an update from a customer support representative;
  4. “Leave a message” – where you can submit a support ticket and set your own priority for it

Reports export usability update:

Now when the report is requested for exporting and the file can’t be processed, such exports are marked as “Failed” instead of being stuck in “Queued”. If the requestor is still logged in by the time the report export either failed or successfully finished – he will receive an instant notification about it with further instructions.

PX SAAS Update

Started gradually updating SaaS PXes with last 4 releases. As of now, all instances are up to date.

Private Marketplaces – progress update

We’re also working hard to deliver Private Sources PoC 1 with the Direct Post flow in the next weeks. Private publisher to buyer connection and private lead flow with the creation of private sites are ready. Now finalizing the reports and will start testing the whole package next week.