Monetize your leads in one central place.

With PX, you’re able to better monetize leads and calls as well as manage your buyers all within one platform. Track your lead and call performance with full insights allowing you to optimize and increase revenue.

Get more control, plus the power of our experience.

As demand-generation experts, we built the PX platform with hands-on knowledge of how to create leads that convert into customers and how to monetize effectively. The platform offers easy integration and dedicated support from our team of industry veterans. Our hundreds of publisher partners love selling through PX for its nationwide coverage, industry competitive CPL’s, and its breadth of verticals. And, of course, the monetization.

Open Exchange (OX)

Easily connect your system or form directly to PX via API, and you’ll have access to over 2,000 active campaigns running nationwide across a large array of verticals. With high payouts, unparalleled conversion data insights, and real-time reporting.

Private Marketplaces (PMP)

Connect and optimize your direct partnerships with marketers to reach greater scale. Leads sold in our Direct- and Ping-Post bidding marketplace yield optimal pricing for you, while empowering you with full transaction transparency and data management tools.

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PX Solutions for Publishers

Simple Integration

With our API, once you’re integrated with PX, you can connect to new buyers with no additional work.

Smoother Compliance

Our expertise gives you a smooth path to meet compliance standards for TCPA, CCPA, WCAG 2.1, CAN-SPAM, and GDPR.

Beyond the Platform

You get the tech, plus our deep experience buying and selling leads online to help drive your success.

Source Quality Scoring

Helps improve your lead quality and prevent fraud by providing objective ratings for SubID’s.

Latest Insights

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  • 2,000+Active Lead Campaigns
  • 800+Websites
  • 500+Publishers
  • 15Vertical Industries
  • 50MBuyer-Seller Interactions
  • 5MConsumer Inquiries per month