How big is the solar market – and is it on the rise?

Solar is big business. Two million households with photovoltaics; two million more expected within four years. If you’re a solar installer – or sell to them – it’s possible you’ve never been busier in your life. And with solar now firmly established in America’s energy mix, it won’t be long before there’s a replacement market, as people upgrade panels nearing the end of their usefulness. 

But you’re equally aware how markets can ebb and flow. Some vendors didn’t survive the tariff adjustment shock a few years back. Others built costly capacity for a subsidy that never came. A successful business, after all, doesn’t base its decisions on its order book now. It’s planning for the future: the size and growth of the solar sector over a longer business cycle.

With a reliable source of leads, and knowledge of which ones make you most money, you can future-proof your business by anticipating growth and planning ahead. Let’s look at how big your market is … and whether it’s on the rise. 

How leads give you market intelligence

PX is a platform for lead buying. Lead buying means just that: defining the kind of customer you want, working out what that customer is worth to you, and bidding your preferred price for a lead that matches your criteria, in a marketplace where lead sellers and lead buyers come together in one platform. 

The PX Marketplace is just that. What makes PX different is that it’s a platform, with a diversity of sources selling leads and a dashboard that gives you information about what you won, what you lost, and what it cost you. Letting you judge how your purchases are performing down your sales funnel and giving you the tools to make adjustments.

This information is business growth gold. Because when you know how big your market opportunity is (filtered, perhaps, by electric bills or ZIP codes – two of the many filters the PX platform offers) and what it costs to win each new customer, you’ve got a reliable way to plan. Contact us to learn more.

Sizing your market with customer acquisition

But how many leads are out there? Solid leads, of course: real people (or businesses) who’ve made a web enquiry or similar, and are genuinely interested in becoming a solar customer, verified for authenticity with a lead verification service (of which the PX platform offers several). So how many leads are available, at the price range for the solar vertical between $10-$100 each? 

Try over 1 million … last month alone. 

With the average spend on a solar setup landing at $12,000 after tax breaks, that’s a $12bn opportunity. And the process of buying them is simple.

Buying solar leads on the PX platform

PX isn’t just an open marketplace – it’s both public and private, offering leads from a diverse collection of verified sources. You can even set up your own marketplace with your own favorite sources through a Private Marketplace or “PMP.” Having a reliable flow of leads entering your sales funnel brings consistency and accountability to your customer acquisition activities. But beyond that, it brings insights.

Let’s say the price you bid for your ideal lead doesn’t scoop up enough of them to make your Head of Sales happy. The obvious action is to increase your bid. But looking at lost bids can be informative, too. Not just which leads you’re missing, but where they came from; fine-grained details you can use to optimize your bid price without overshooting. 

This is where buying leads can really shine: business insights that help you improve your marketing performance over time. And solar leads – one of the vertical sectors offered by PX, on both its Open Exchange and its Private Marketplace – offers you every advantage. 

Solar energy’s time has come. At PX, we believe lead buying for solar’s time has come, too. Because no matter how turbulent market conditions are, a reliable source of leads lets any business prepare for the future, smooth its resource allocation, and plan for continued growth. 

And with millions of potential customers out there, that future looks bright. To start taking advantage, contact us today.