Private Marketplaces

Grow your business together with your sources and utilize the power of the PX platform. Re-imagine lead management with a centralized approach for a dynamic and scalable private marketplace.

Manage Dozens of Sources Within a Single Platform

Lead Management, Re-imagined

PX Private Marketplaces enables growing several sources with ease. Easily add or remove sources, manage filters and payouts through campaigns, establish dynamic budgets and centralize reporting, access and compliance.

Performance-first with Full-funnel Analysis

PX platform offers tools to track and measure the performance of your leads. Insights into posted or pinged leads, bought leads, cost and ROI, by source. By using dynamic pricing, you pay for performance. This allows you to focus on leads that work for you, and dial down on sources which don’t.

Managed Services

When you migrate sources to PX, you immediately have more options. You can manage your campaigns directly, or they can be managed by a PX Campaign Management Team — an expert on the platform. Either way, you get the experience and savvy of a professional using your target results as their KPI.

Speedy Diversification and Scale

Add and scale sources with ease. Connect to the PX Open Exchange, connect current sources or create and run branded campaigns to connect and convert leads to customers for your business.

PX Private Marketplace Features

A Complete Bid and Post Platform
PX offers a wide variety of posting and bidding methods with some of the fastest ping-post speeds in the industry. Ensure leads are delivered real-time, to maximize effectiveness.
Realtime, Transparent Transactions
Transactions show close to realtime in reporting, giving you full access to each transaction. Your partners will have access to transactions related to their activity with you.
Industry-leading API
Simple, fast, optimized and highly customizable lead API. Re-desinged ease-of-use. Source integration time as low as 1h.
Pre-integrated Verification Services
Integrated with various verification services, you can append or filter on useful personal or compliance data.
Branded Integration Specifications
Provide your partners with integration specifications, branded to you and your company.
Publisher Platform Portal
Your partners get access to their own portal, to give your partnership a competitive edge. Dashboard, transactional reporting, source performance reporting and more is available
Filter out leads you’ve already bought. Default deduplication is 30 days.
Other Platform Features
‣ Source-wide disposition management
‣ Dozens of filters and payout rules
‣ Real-time reporting
‣ Platform customization
‣ 24/7 Support
‣ TCPA tracking
‣ Source and Site management

Why PX Private Marketplaces?

Case Studies

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