January 28, 2022

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Jornaya Authenticity verification for campaigns

New addition to campaigns Verification services – Jornaya authenticity filter now allows you to enable additional check for Jornaya LeadID and let only truly authentic leads in.

✓ PX Open Exchange Private Marketplaces

Disposition files processing simplification

To reduce manual labor in disposition files pre-processing, we introduced a couple of useful improvements to win the time:

  • duplicate leads with different statuses in 1 file now doesn’t need to be cleaned up – the system will identify them and pick the highest status to set as final;
  • empty cells & semi-colons are fine now, bring it in;
  • phone number format now can be almost any, except maybe backwards 

✓ PX Open Exchange

Data orders suppression files size increase

Now the system allows to upload large suppression files (up to 250Mb) and also supports .txt file format.

November 22, 2021

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Campaign filters & bids interface

To make the user experience easy and pleasant, we’ve updated Filter and Bid Management screens with some awesome ideas suggested by our client success managers:

  • now attributes catalog has an indication of required lead data – look for the asterix* near the attribute name
  • match types were renamed & there’s also a tooltip now with full explanation

✓ Private Marketplaces

RealPhoneValidation & Mortech integrations for branded pages

The functionality we provide for Branded pages becomes more and more robust. This time we’ve added:

  • RealPhoneValidation – verifies validity of the lead phone number during filling out the form and allows user to fix it before submission. Lead quality goes up!
  • Mortech is another great service allowing to show real-time calculated Interest rate & Annual percentage rates based on the data user provides

✓ PX Open Exchange

Performance updates

To make sure we’re fast, stable and capable enough to meet needs of our clients, we continue improving our platform performance:

  • faster data synchronization across system to deliver you sleeker reports and reduce the wait time
  • reduced time spent on campaign filters processing during the Lead Flow – that allows selling leads faster & having more leads sold at the same amount of time
  • also working on developing disaster recovery mechanisms & enhancing overall security of the platform

October 12, 2021

✓ Private Marketplaces

Create Publishers, Buyers, and Campaigns

  • PMP Account Managers may now create Publishers, Buyers, and Campaigns themselves.
  • Updated interface contains only necessary fields and zero confusion, making the whole process a breeze!

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Transaction Ping Post report: Updated Speed and Visibility

The transaction Ping Post report was upgraded with a new CSV indexing technology to ensure smoother and faster work.

September 2, 2021

Publisher PMPs selling leads to Open Exchange

Now Publisher Private Marketplace accounts can sell leads to both/either their internal buyers and Open Exchange. 

  • new virtual “Open Exchange” buyer and campaigns to support a discreet proxy connection;
  • “PX Lead Offers” for a granular lead routing between own campaigns and Open Exchange;
  • easy & insightful reporting on Open Exchange sales, that doesn’t disclose end buyers, but provides all data for optimizations

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Reports speed optimization

Source management report was optimized from 18s avg load (gosh!) to 4.75s and more to come in upcoming weeks!

Campaign overview page load timings went down from 5s avg to 2s avg.

Next up is Transaction Ping Post report, which requires a bit more time but is on a final stages of development.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

August 6, 2021

Disposition uploads: increase in max allowed file size

Clients can now upload files with up to 50,000 records to track their disposition in PX .

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Source management improvements

  • re-organized group by dropdown to provide more easy and logical structure of analytics
  • added instant notifications on the mission-critical actions
  • improved caps update speed after an edit

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Click to Lead report

Click to Lead report now replaces Publisher Daily report for publishers, with extensive data added on conversion device and geo available for Hour, Day, Week and Month breakdowns.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Publisher API: faster testing

Improved speed of the testing mode for the new publisher integrations.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

July 15, 2021

POST original phone number for masked leads

Certain clients who use call masking excessively, have requested to receive the originigal phone number, to follow up on propects after the 30 day mark. To have this field included with your other lead details, contact your client success manager.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Disposition uploads reflect faster in Source management

The time it takes for disposition uploads to reflect in source management has severely been decreased. Uploads should reflect within a maximum of 30 minutes, no matter the file size.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Source tiering.. coming soon

Soon it will become a lot easier to open new campaigns with high-performance bid rules, right out of the gate. Performance models will establish a performance tier per sub-id, which leaves you the room to bid for the tiers you want to buy in. You can always extend your custom bids to publishers, sub-id’s, and other attributes.

✓ PX Open Exchange

June 3rd, 2021

Disconnected Phone Number check

Your PX platform now leverages phone number validator RealPhoneValidation, which pings up to 6* different providers to deduce if a phone number is currently in service. If the phone number is not active, these phone numbers can be filtered out automatically. This check is enabled by default. If you wish to disable this, navigate to Campaigns > Verification services. Checks are free for OX users, PMP’s can use this check at $0.05 per POST.

Learn more.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Day of the week on all dashboard cards

Hover over your dashboard line graphs to see the day of the week, as well as the date. See the example below.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

New Traffic types

Publisher traffic types can now also include New Source, Paid Search, Google Display, Native, Push.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Full Sub-id breakdown for Open Exchange buyers

Buying leads from the Open Exchange? You can now view Source management by full sub-id.

Whats New? Easily view these release notes directly from the platform.

In your account settings dropdown in the top navigation, easily refer to this page to see whats new!

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

May 12, 2021

Campaign activation popup

When activating a campaign, you’re prompted with a summary of relevant campaign settings before your campaign is enabled. Make sure all settings are correct and start receiving leads!

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Lead-to-call tracking hours

Optimized lead-to-call tracking hours of operation so we make speed-to-lead is only measured for leads received throughout the day, and let the other leads sleep safely at night.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Transaction outbound report – instant record lookup

We’ve heard it takes a bit of a long time to search for transactions in the Transaction outbound report. So we made it 3 times faster. The next stage is to show search results before you even think about it.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

April 22, 2021

New statuses for your campaigns

Lead and call campaigns now have 2 new statuses:

  • Active – All Sources: Campaign is enabled, can buy leads or calls from all available sources
  • Active – Selective Sources: Campaign is enabled, can buy leads or calls from prioritized sources
  • Paused: Campaign is disabled, no leads or calls are bought.
  • Build mode: NEW STATUS – Indicates when a campaign’s API configuration or other settings are in the works, a special indicator, which means the campaign is not ready to go live yet.
  • Deactivated: NEW STATUS – Campaign will no longer be used. Users cannot re-activate Deactivated campaigns.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Report additions

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Performance improvements

Publishers can now exceed their configured API limits, if the account limit is not yet reached.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes a bug where additional filters were not being registered for DIRECTPOST campaigns
  • Fixed an issue with undersold campaigns that skewed reports in certain instances
  • Improvements related to CSV index load performance
  • Extensive upgrade to platform monitoring – Stats for geeks
  • Removed some works from the profanity filter, which are part of certain real city names or street addresses.

April 1, 2021

Updated lead profanity shield

We’ve updated our profanity filter to block more ill-intended leads. You rarely see these types of leads, but a few times is too many. After this update, you should not see anymore. Navigate to campaign settings > Verification Services if you wish to disable this check. Check is free, for all PX users.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

User Interface tweaks for advertisers

  • Simplified PMP accounts account pages to highlight important features such as buyer and publisher management.
  • Renamed Buyer Report to Campaign Performance.
  • Removed certain data points in Campaign Performance report for buyers.
  • Removed certain data points in Buyer Campaign report for buyers.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Bid management, previously known as payout management

Payout management is now bid management in PX. This update is connected to the introduction of lost bids, giving advertisers better insight into pockets of leads they can win by increasing bid price. More about lost bids. Instead of adding payout rules, users configure bid rules. Instead of payouts, you manage your bids.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes a bug on the dashboard for disposition card, ‘get started’.
  • Auditlog speed improved.
  • Significantly increased the speed of lead deduplication logic.

March 11, 2021

Lost bids for competitive bidding

When bidding on leads in the Open Exchange or Private Marketplaces, you can now use lost bids in source management to see the amount of leads you lost due to bid price, to another buyer. Leverage lost bids to find sources where increasing bid price will win you more leads.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Sell response URL

For directpost publisher configurations, the sell response URL is a parameter passed along the post to fire/report a pixel to tracking software. The following parameters can now be added to the response url: AffiliateData.Id, AffiliateData.OfferId, AffiliateData.SubId, Sub3Id, Sub4Id, Sub5Id, Source.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Fixes and improvements

  • Implemented Indexed reporting for system transactions, increasing peak system performance by 60%
  • Source management load time significantly decreased
  • Call campaigns can now cap precisely, even with concurrent calls
  • Call offers promo numbers are released after use, mitigating the risk of incorrect call associations
  • Added several accepted values for the subject field in the Education vertical

February 19, 2021

Call Filter Results

Transaction calls report: A new Filtered by column explains what happened to calls that weren’t routed to buyers. If there are multiple filtering results, the reason with the highest priority is displayed. The following results are available (sorted by priority):

  • Filtered by ZIP
  • Filtered by State
  • Filtered by Hour
  • Daily Cap reached
  • Weekly Cap reached
  • Monthly Cap reached
  • No linked campaigns
  • Inactive Campaign
  • Private Source
  • Repeated Call
  • Concurrent Cap reached
  • Filtered by Publisher
  • Filtered by Promo number

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Page content optimizations

We’ve identified cases where certain pages would return no data and have been resolved

  • Campaigns overview: Fixed cache-related issue when the page was loading slowly
  • Campaigns overview: Fixed cache-related issue when no campaigns were displayed for the current day when filtered by Buyer
  • Leads overview: Fixed an issue when no leads were displayed for the day before
  • Fixed an issue when pagination wasn’t displayed

Page load speed optimizations

The following pages now load faster

  • Source performance report
  • Source management

Fixes and improvements

Payout & Filter management: Now Input field for attribute ZIP code works correctly with In a list match type, as well as in Custom regions in Call offer settings and Call campaign settings

January 28, 2021

Fixes and Improvements

This release contains a large collection of bug fixes and small improvements:

  • New navigation: All users can now navigate PX in a new, faster way! This includes a new top nav which is fixed, wide left navigation with accordion dropdown. The menu can be switched between a broad and narrow view.
  • Investigated and fixed an issue when the number of pings was low on major Auto campaigns and hourly caps weren’t reached
  • Translation engine deployed to support 2 concurrent versions of Angular.
  • Lead campaigns caps are now much more accurate. Implemented a precise cap feature, which will be applied for all lead campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue when Selective sources mode was missing in the campaign mode menu
  • Ping results piechart in the lead post report now shows correct amounts
  • Progress to an architectural project, implementing Indexed CSV queries, which will significantly improve database performance.

October 19, 2020

Fixes and Improvements

This release contains a large collection of bug fixes and small improvements:

  • Blacklist for inbound calls – expanded our blacklist for inbound calls to ensure compliance.
  • Dropdown menu’s throughout the platform now show 25 items or more. The API builder now shows all mappable error codes
  • Source management: Now the report saves all user preferences, including the date range and columns set. Some exceptions did not save properly. (Veterans first)
  • Fixed an issue when Trusted form was duplicated when selected as the filter attribute for Field length option.
  • Fixed an issue when incorrect Spend was displayed for call campaigns in Daily and Publisher breakdowns after turning off Invoca traffic.
  • PX SaaS clients: updated to the latest stable release version.
  • Single lead return: Implemented validation when trying to decline lead return without specifying Decline reason.
  • Source management & dashboard campaigns dropdown is now sorted by spend.
  • Updated PINGPOST logic so that all fields sent on PING has the same values on POST, while POST is only extended with contact data: FirstName, LastName, Address, Email Address, PhoneNumber, DayPhoneNumber.

September 23, 2020

Call Campaign Recording

Recordings can now be disabled for call campaigns. To disable recording, select ‘No’ in the Call destination routing section, for ‘Call recording enabled’.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Improved Report Exports

  • Eliminated crash cases.
  • Reduced memory consumption by 3 times on average.
  • Reduced processing time, especially for export with lead attributes.
  • Allocated a dedicated server for reporting exports. 

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Regions Filters for PX Call Offers

Call offers now support custom region / geographic filters. Filters can be configured as follows:

  • Unrestricted – no filters / restrictions
  • Custom – Custom ZIP or State filters
  • Aggregate – Aggregate region filters from Call campaigns connected to the Call Offer
  • Overlapping – Only filter on overlapping region filters from Call campaigns connected to the Call Offer

Publishers can view time- and geographic filters for their offers.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

To view offer details, search for the offer in Offers, then select > Offer details.

Publisher PING Responses

If a lead on PING does not match any filters of connected buyers, the publisher will receive the following response: Lead did not meet buyer filter.

Added a new mappable DNC status for buyers.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Other Fixes and Updates

  • API builder: Fixed an issue when the publisher source field was missing on Step 2 of API configuration.
  • Fixed an issue when Manage payouts button in Potential reach card linked to writing an email to PX instead of Payout management for the campaign
  • Now Win Percentage column is visible for all buyer users.
  • Fixed a layout issue when the chart on Paid calls card was displayed incorrectly.

September 3, 2020

Source Management for Call Campaigns

Disposition data on calls is now displayed in source management. View sales funnel, group by Publisher and Source (Promo number). Easily add a payout rule directly in the table.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Disposition for Campaign Reports

Significant speed improvements for disposition data in the Buyer, Buyer Performance and Buyer campaign report.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Source Performance Report

Updated the shortened sales funnel with more intuitive naming. Publishers can find PX’s performance benchmarks in each of the tooltips. Disposition statuses names in the Leads Overview Report have been updated simultaneously.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Fixes & Improvements

  • POLK data: Investigated the problem auto-related verticals when some publishers received POLK errors.
  • PX UI controls styling. Implemented new components: calendar, drop-down menus, pop-up windows, tooltips, icons. UI Kit became more development-oriented: Now each component includes description with its execution process, available options to speed up the development, and alternatives of display.
  • Transactions call report: Fixed an issue when the list of campaigns in the filter was empty and error was displayed if previously multiple buyers were selected in the file.
  • Added custom fields to HOME vertical.

August 12, 2020

Call Routing – Regions

Configure what regions campaigns should receive leads in a friendly interface. Added a new regions block with two regions options:

  • Nationwide (set by default) – campaign accepts calls from any region without limitations.
  • Custom – allows setting one of alternative Target region levels:

    States – select one or multiple US states to set the target regions for this campaign (by default, all states are selected) ZIP codes – enter, paste the list of target.
    Zip codes – separated by a comma or line break; drag and drop the file (.txt, .csv) into the area or click to upload it (the option can’t be saved unless there’s at least one ZIP code in the area).

If an inbound call does not match the region filters, it’s registered with NoBuyer result in Transaction call report.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Upload Disposition files for multiple campaigns at the same time

Much anticipated, you’re now able to upload a disposition file for all your campaigns at once. Once processed, each campaign is displayed in a separate row in the Disposition table below the upload widget.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Upload disposition for Call campaigns (Beta)

You’re now able to upload disposition for calls bought through PX. Use the disposition widget here to upload disposition for call campaigns. Identify calls by either the CallerID or CallerGUID. You’re able to see each call status in the Transactions call report.

Call publishers can see the results of their calls sold to buyers with aggregated statuses.

Next up: Source Management for call campaigns.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Fixes & Improvements

  • API Builder: Fixed an issue when Solar campaign configurations with large amount of mappings were hard to edit because of the interface problems.
  • Fixed double transaction processing for PMP leads because of the period of slowness in one of the cores processing direct post leads from.
  • Publisher API 2.0: Integrated PROPERTY CASUALTY INSURANCE vertical.
  • Fixed an issue when the report export failed when trying to export with leads attributes.
  • Fixed the discrepancy between the number of leads with Multiple disposition status and Conversion – New in the export file and results of lookup search on the page.
  • Knowledge base articles for call campaigns were updated for hours and regions.
  • Knowledge base article updates for source performance report.

July 23, 2020

Call Routing – Hours of Operation

Configure what hours campaigns should receive leads in a friendly interface. Added a new Hours block with two Hours of operation options:

  • Open 24/7 (set by default) – campaign accepts calls 7 days a week without any time limit;
  • Custom – allows selecting which days of the week campaign receives calls and setting Start and Closing time for selected days (9:00 and 18:00 are set by default).

Hours of operation can also be configured on Call offers

  • Open 24/7 (set by default) ,campaign hour setting are still taken into account;
  • Custom – days and hours of operation can be set manually, campaign hour setting are still taken into account;
  • Aggregate (at least 1 active campaign must be connected) – automatically aggregate all hours of campaigns connected, no editing available. Settings are updated each time when scope, status or hours of destination campaigns is changed;
  • Overlap (at least 1 active campaign must be connected) – automatically overlap hours matching for all connected campaigns, no editing available. Settings are updated each time when scope, status or hours of destination campaigns is changed;

If the call is outside of any hours configured, PX will register a NoBuyer response in Transactions call report.

Call Disposition (pre-Alpha)

Buyers can upload call disposition, view campaign goal as well as upload and process files with call disposition data related to this campaign. Call disposition statuses and custom values can be mapped by either Caller ID or Call GUID. Reporting data on call disposition will follow in the upcoming sprints.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

How to receive leads: API Builder

Buyers can view Live settings of their campaigns, including parameters which differ between test and live environments in order to update buyer integrations quickly and easily.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Source performance report

  • Total is displayed instead of n/a in Performance vs Average column;
  • Updated status mapping for the report & Leads overview for consistency;
  • Updated tooltips for Leads Converted, Leads with Intent and Leads Contacted report columns and for Conversion column on Leads overview page for consistency.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

System Improvements

  • Over a dozen small bugs and inefficiencies fixed. Highlights:
  • Better exports: Optimized lead details export where certain reports failed to export
  • Fixed where certain views of source management would result in empty table data
  • 9 other bug fixes and changes.

July 02, 2020

Increase your speed-to-lead, increase performance

Speed-to-lead is one of the most important KPI’s when leveraging real-time leads. In this update, we’ve extended lead-to-call tracking for shared lead campaigns. Each lead will get an individual masked phone number, so tracking can be done accordingly.
✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

View publisher test leads in Test lead report

Publisher accounts created in PX can be configured to be in testing mode in > publisher settings. While in testing mode, leads posted by the publisher will show up in the Test lead reports (Reports > Test lead report). The report shows information about:

  • Test transactions
  • Request type
  • Sales model
  • Pass-back
  • Lead input
  • API response

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

More detail for better optimizations: Source performance report

View when disposition was uploaded/updated by your lead buyers. Added a timestamp below the report title for when disposition was updated last by buyers of your leads. Additionally, Performance vs Average is calculated as the ratio of Leads with disposition to Converted leads.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

More traffic capacity and faster scalability

Implemented adjustments in order to load balancing our ping-post traffic and use a new developed ‘PX broker’ on the live environment.

Other bug fixes and updates

  • Fixed an issue in the Audit Log where the details of certain buyer actions we’re showing.
  • Continued development on Call disposition. Target CPA status and target CPA can now be configured in call campaign settings.
  • Call offers: Fixed an issue when strict comparison by the offer name was used, and some offers couldn’t be found. Now search in Offers Overview works as expected.
  • Fixed discrepancy between Leads converted report column and Conversion status on Leads overview page.
  • Fixed an issue when the publisher received duplicate emails when requesting to run an offer.

June 10, 2020

Source Management: Source Type Division

For more visibility and easier access to switch between Open Exchange and Private Marketplaces Sources, quick navigation has been added. Default by All Sources. Traffic type breakdown for Private Marketplaces has also been added.
✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

PX Calls: Generate a new offer promo number with a single click

Phone numbers can be generated within a call offer page with a single click. 
✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

System Improvements

  • Updated the Publisher Source Performance calculations to better understand performance vs average by sub source
  • Deprecated the Audience reports across users
  • Disposition file uploads are now added to the Audit Log
  • Call duration now displayed as hh:mm:ss
  • Added 2 new verticals to Publisher API 2.0