Why Your Lead Generation Campaigns Don’t Work

Ever wonder why some lead generation campaigns never really seem to get off the ground? You dump time and money into a campaign and no matter what you do, your conversion rate barely budges and you wind up wondering whether it’s even worth your investment. You’re not alone. For every success story, there are dozens of lead generation campaigns that wind up on the scrap heaps of the internet.

That’s exactly why PX has become such a valuable partner, helping so many businesses steer clear of unnecessary lead generation pitfalls. It provides the smartest, high-tech tools for managing and growing your lead generation operations, so you never have to agonize over whether you’re making the right investment decisions again.

The Usual Suspects

There are many reasons why your lead generation campaign might fail to gain momentum. The usual suspects boil down to missed opportunities and bad timing. Maybe you and your team are failing to identify or properly evaluate prospective leads at the up-funnel stage. As a result, your sales team has no way to successfully target or follow up with these strong prospects whenever they actually do wind up in your funnel. Without properly identifying and evaluating leads at an early stage, you don’t stand a chance of targeting them effectively, and you might as well forget about conversion.

In other cases, your team’s follow-up may simply be poorly timed, so it fails to make the right impact and potentially strong leads slip through your fingers. When that happens, your company’s message gets lost and your offer goes nowhere.

The Right Tools

As any veteran leader generator will tell you, there’s never a 100% guarantee for success. However, the tools you use truly make all the difference. Whatever problems are plaguing your campaign, just remember: lead generation is a high-tech job and it calls for always-on, data-driven solutions.

That’s where PX can help you turn your campaign around. PX is a powerful SaaS platform, which allows companies to comprehensively automate and manage their lead generation activities. With PX, you can set up campaigns, capture lead data, and verify score, track and distribute leads all in one place. PX is fully committed to delivering optimal transparency, so you have the best information at your disposal before making further investment decisions.

With PX, you never have to worry about losing sight of potentially strong leads. Each lead is carefully analyzed and verified on over thirty data points. PX’s original algorithms are then applied, producing quality ratings for each lead. Plus, you can set your own filters to ensure you’re getting the best quality leads for your investment.

In addition to carefully screening lead quality, PX is lightning fast. Leads are analyzed and ready for you to target for follow-up in just a matter of seconds. This is crucial for avoiding the time trap and boosting your conversion rate through smarter, faster follow-up.

Lead generation doesn’t have to be a “black box” where you never really know what you’re getting.

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