Spring Venture Group Scales its Outcome by 13x

Case Study: How Spring Venture Group zeroed in on its best lead sources to reach its goals.

Open Enrollment is the main event for insurance marketers every year. It’s a period where results are vital to overall success, and it’s an example that clearly shows the power of sales disposition data and how applying it through PX will help deliver the results you need.

Case Study: Spring Venture Group

For leads or calls, PX has proven you can meet your targets. You can do it at scale. And you can look back at a successful year.

Leads: September 2018

Spring Venture Group (SVG) is a leader in insurance comparison shopping, delivering real value by helping people navigate to find their best options, specifically in senior healthcare. Their challenge was to find a broader base of potential customers, and they launched their OE campaigns through PX to deploy critical changes in their approach to reach that goal. The move immediately enabled:

  • Access to a much broader pool of available leads — and a single means to measure multiple sources simultaneously
  • Highly specific segmentation of the sources, channels and lead types
  • Dynamic pricing that equates payout directly with anticipated value at all times.
Case Study: Spring Venture Group

SVG created a daily feedback loop from their sales performance into PX, known as disposition reporting. By enabling SVG to act more quickly, this unique feature drove agile optimization based on early success indicators and let them zero in on the right sources and channels, with accuracy on how to optimally price them.

The Result

Using dynamic pricing and disposition data through PX, SVG was able to effectively scale their outcomes by as much as 13x. All while keeping their CPA below target levels. Click here to download a free copy of this case study!