PX’s Rerun Management Functionality Increases Revenue and Profits

New York, NY – PX, the marketing technology platform to automate and manage lead generation activities, announced their Rerun Management functionality increased the revenue and profits for Brightfire, a network of websites for active career seekers.

Some leads do not always find a marketer or an advertiser and become lost opportunities. The Rerun Management functionality allows PX advertisers to manage this. Additionally, users of PX can monetize and process the so-called aged leads.

Brightfire uses this feature to process 7 and 30 day aged leads. PX created a seamless setup, where a task can be scheduled with appropriate lead filters.  It will run at the designated time without cross-departmental coordination or lags in setup, which has resulted in a 15%- 30% increase in revenue. Furthermore, there has been no impact on system performance even though they are now selling approximately 58% more leads in August as compared to April.

“For us, PX’s Rerun Management means having the opportunity to monetize leads multiple times and leverage an additional revenue stream that enhances both efficiency and profitability,” stated Pam Stadler, Brightfire Director of Operations. “PX is committed to listening to customer’s needs and taking action on great ideas. In this case, Brightfire had a clear business case to process aged leads, and that fit well into PX’s platform strategy. We are very happy to be able to deliver a highly valuable feature for the Brightfire team,” said Jeff Desiner, PX Executive Vice President.

About Brightfire
Brightfire operates a network of websites for active career seekers and provides a suite of services for job seekers, employers, higher education, and other career partners. Brightfire was founded in 2008 and specializes in online lead generation, education leads and warm transfers, jobs and employment matching, and career consultation and analysis.

About PX
PX is an advanced performance marketing platform designed to streamline, automate, and manage lead generation activities. Backed by patented lead scoring technology and ping post lead bidding capabilities, PX provides solutions to grow and scale efficiently. The company is the result of 6 years of development and boasts a team of 20+ developers, one of the largest in the industry. PX is headquartered in New York.

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