September 2, 2021

Publisher PMPs selling leads to Open Exchange

Now Publisher Private Marketplace accounts can sell leads to both/either their internal buyers and Open Exchange. 

  • new virtual “Open Exchange” buyer and campaigns to support a discreet proxy connection;
  • “PX Lead Offers” for a granular lead routing between own campaigns and Open Exchange;
  • easy & insightful reporting on Open Exchange sales, that doesn’t disclose end buyers, but provides all data for optimizations

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Reports speed optimization

Source management report was optimized from 18s avg load (gosh!) to 4.75s and more to come in upcoming weeks!

Campaign overview page load timings went down from 5s avg to 2s avg.

Next up is Transaction Ping Post report, which requires a bit more time but is on a final stages of development.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces