May 4, 2020

Your Sources Page – 20+ partners? No problem. 

View and manage all your sources in your Private Marketplace from a single page. Have 20 partners? No problem. Don’t have any private sources set up? Request to add them here.
✓ Private Marketplaces

Source Performance Report – Sales on the ad-buying level

Publishers can now see aggregate disposition data of all bought leads by sub-id, closing the gap and getting direct insight into their efforts. Publishers can use this data to optimize performance and increase lead value.
✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Apply Filters – Better UX and faster report loading

All reports & table views with filters now got a new “Apply filters” button.
The button will stay inactive until you make changes to one of the filters. You then can select several filters without the need to wait until it’s applied to the report one-by-one.