June 21, 2019

Multiple buyers support for Private Marketplaces

Setup a single private publisher to work with multiple buyers! Easy-peasy:

  1. Enable accepting private sources in each Buyer’s settings
  2. Add buyer(s) in Publisher settings – Private Sourcing
  3. Relax and enjoy


Private sites logic revised

In order to improve Source management experience, we keep adding enhancements in private Sites creation/display/management logic. 

If a site serves only PX Marketplace traffic:

  • it will be open; 
  • Visible for all buyers;
  • with unified stats.

If a site serves only private traffic (from a single or multiple private publishers):

  • it will be private;
  • visible only for buyers connected to those pub(s); 
  • site stats would be separated on a per-publisher basis.

If a site serves both open and private traffic:

  • for now this site will be shown as open;
  • available to everyone;

the stats will be separated by:

  • open stats only – if a buyer only buys open;
  • open+private stats – if a buyer buys both from this site;
  • private stats only – if a buyer buys only private leads.