June 10, 2020

Source Management: Source Type Division

For more visibility and easier access to switch between Open Exchange and Private Marketplaces Sources, quick navigation has been added. Default by All Sources. Traffic type breakdown for Private Marketplaces has also been added.
✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

PX Calls: Generate a new offer promo number with a single click

Phone numbers can be generated within a call offer page with a single click. 
✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

System Improvements

  • Updated the Publisher Source Performance calculations to better understand performance vs average by sub source
  • Deprecated the Audience reports across users
  • Disposition file uploads are now added to the Audit Log
  • Call duration now displayed as hh:mm:ss
  • Added 2 new verticals to Publisher API 2.0