January 28, 2022

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Jornaya Authenticity verification for campaigns

New addition to campaigns Verification services – Jornaya authenticity filter now allows you to enable additional check for Jornaya LeadID and let only truly authentic leads in.

✓ PX Open Exchange Private Marketplaces

Disposition files processing simplification

To reduce manual labor in disposition files pre-processing, we introduced a couple of useful improvements to win the time:

  • duplicate leads with different statuses in 1 file now doesn’t need to be cleaned up – the system will identify them and pick the highest status to set as final;
  • empty cells & semi-colons are fine now, bring it in;
  • phone number format now can be almost any, except maybe backwards 

✓ PX Open Exchange

Data orders suppression files size increase

Now the system allows to upload large suppression files (up to 250Mb) and also supports .txt file format.