February 6, 2020


Offer approval process and interface improved. Now faster and easier. A new call report is also in the works.

Publisher API 2.0

Introduced Direct Post support, including Passback mode switch (API) with UI integration. Solar API is live and tested. Next up is vertical support: Mortgage, Health, Home Security and Windows are first.

Publisher SSP 

Disposition management: Changed Reset status naming in the publisher interface and during disposition file upload to make the process more intuitive.

API Publisher Dashboard for publishers and MPA accounts, including options to view statistics per specific publisher and view cards showing data and graphs about Leads volume, Average lead revenue and Lead performance; (Release in 4 weeks)

Disposition custom naming: Buyers will be able to set custom names for disposition statuses and 3 numeric values on buyer+vertical level. All reports will be affected.  (Release in 4 weeks)

Other releases include: