December 20, 2019

Call Tracking and Routing

This date marks a major release for call routing in PX. Call offer routing went live with a filter-like tree to manage and configure a variety of simple and complicated offer setups with ease:

  • Transfer to destination – make sure all campaigns get an equal amount of calls during the day;
  • Forward to number – re-route the call anywhere.
  • Hang up – end the call

Changes to Call Offers are now being tracked in Audit log report to ensure a proper change management and audit.

Dynamic active/inactive statuses were added to manage offers easier.

Publisher API 2.0

Our team has been working on creating a faster and  more simple Publisher API. The goal is to make integrating any type of form as easy and seamless as possible, with more security for all parties involved. Better connectability = more control. Released 1st version of Publisher settings UI for the testing purposes.

Ping Post

Added more tracking metrics for developers to continually increase performance and stability.

We’re always improving the platform, a number of bugs were fixed creating better performance and usability.