April 1, 2021

Updated lead profanity shield

We’ve updated our profanity filter to block more ill-intended leads. You rarely see these types of leads, but a few times is too many. After this update, you should not see anymore. Navigate to campaign settings > Verification Services if you wish to disable this check. Check is free, for all PX users.

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User Interface tweaks for advertisers

  • Simplified PMP accounts account pages to highlight important features such as buyer and publisher management.
  • Renamed Buyer Report to Campaign Performance.
  • Removed certain data points in Campaign Performance report for buyers.
  • Removed certain data points in Buyer Campaign report for buyers.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Bid management, previously known as payout management

Payout management is now bid management in PX. This update is connected to the introduction of lost bids, giving advertisers better insight into pockets of leads they can win by increasing bid price. More about lost bids. Instead of adding payout rules, users configure bid rules. Instead of payouts, you manage your bids.

✓ PX Open Exchange ✓ Private Marketplaces

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixes a bug on the dashboard for disposition card, ‘get started’.
  • Auditlog speed improved.
  • Significantly increased the speed of lead deduplication logic.