July 15, 2021

POST original phone number for masked leads

Certain clients who use call masking excessively, have requested to receive the originigal phone number, to follow up on propects after the 30 day mark. To have this field included with your other lead details, contact your client success manager.

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Disposition uploads reflect faster in Source management

The time it takes for disposition uploads to reflect in source management has severely been decreased. Uploads should reflect within a maximum of 30 minutes, no matter the file size.

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Source tiering.. coming soon

Soon it will become a lot easier to open new campaigns with high-performance bid rules, right out of the gate. Performance models will establish a performance tier per sub-id, which leaves you the room to bid for the tiers you want to buy in. You can always extend your custom bids to publishers, sub-id’s, and other attributes.

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