Prioritize Leads with PX’s Source Management

To ensure that a buyer campaign is available in the lead flow, you need to publish it in PX through the Source Management feature.

Each lead in PX is related to a source, specifying the originating publisher and vertical. Through Source Management, you can enable campaigns for receiving leads as well as block or prioritize particular lead sources. There are a couple of different approaches for configuring lead traffic depending on the needs of a particular campaign.

For example, the buyer campaign should receive all leads except a certain publisher. You will then need to enable the campaign for the leads traffic and block corresponding lead sources

Another common situation is when a buyer campaign should receive leads only from particular publishers in selected verticals. In this case, you can publish campaigns with a cherry-pick status, meaning that the buyer campaign will only receive leads from sources that you prioritize

Source Management includes high-priority configurations that influence general lead flow. Visit our PX Knowledge Base to learn more on how to control lead traffic for each buyer campaign click here!

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