PX Strikes Deal with Social Blue to Sell Major Domains

New York, New York: PX, a MarTech company focusing on customer acquisition, today announced an agreement with Social Blue to sell 5 premium domains: HomeSafety.com, HomeRenovation.com, TopSolar.com, MedicalAlertQuotes.com, and WindowReplacement.com for an undisclosed amount. This milestone is a major move for PX on its mission to finalize the transition to a full platform proposition offering marketplaces for leads and calls.

Social Blue CEO, Tim Roemer said, “Through the purchase of these top domains, we’re one step closer in realizing our ambition of becoming the global leader in performance-based lead generation. After acquiring Netofex, an agency specializing in native advertising, Social Blue started expanding its lead generation channels beyond Facebook and Instagram. The main focus now is to expand the current marketing channels through owned media and marketplaces to generate high-quality leads for clients. I am very excited about the strategic partnership with PX to accelerate our growth in the US market. For these newly acquired websites, we will start using their private marketplace solutions to expand our current client database and monetize our audiences.”

Since August 2018, PX has solely focused on enabling and empowering clients with their customer acquisition needs and providing them with the necessary tools through the PX platform. The company stopped generating their own leads years ago, so they no longer have a need for these domains. This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives undertaken at PX including expanding Private Marketplace deals, advancing dynamic and automated bidding efforts, and constantly measuring performance through platform features like quality scoring and lead to call tracking.

“We’re excited for Social Blue, especially in light of building out our partnership with them. I’m happy our domains found a good home supporting our mutual partnership,” says Bas Offers, COO of PX.

About PX: PX is the world’s leading marketing technology platform for customer acquisition, providing brands with the most powerful, efficient, compliant and transparent lead-generation tools on the market. Processing more than 200,000 leads per day, the company brings programmatic performance and optimization to customer acquisition, creating opportunities for marketers to efficiently find customers and for publishers to better monetize their audiences. PX is active in the Financial Services, Insurance, and Home Services industries. It is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Panama, the Netherlands, and Ukraine.

About Social Blue: Social Blue is a technology-driven lead generation agency that provides a scalable source of leads for clients in various markets and verticals by using in-house technology and creative teams. They specialize in generating high-quality leads on a performance basis through a variety of online marketing channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Native, and Display. Social Blue serves over 250 clients with offices in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.