How to Create Greater Potential. #winning Part 1.

“How do I win more?”

It’s a constant refrain we hear from buyers and sellers on both sides of our Open Exchange. And it’s also pretty obvious when you come to think of it. Anyone who arrives at a marketplace is looking to win — on their own terms.

And that means being connected to the right goods and services that match their needs as a buyer, or finding the right buyers for your inventory when you come from the sell-side.


How to Create Greater Potential. #winning Part 1.

Every corner of the world from sports to politics to marketing has turned to analytics and available data to drive success. And of course, so have we.

For PX, “winning” means helping marketers, specifically lead buyers, to better assert control over their customer acquisition programs by using programmed pricing strategies. Opening up visibility into more data has surely helped; it’s also something that is driving success for both sides of the marketplace.

So what’s this special new data point I’m writing about? Two words: Available leads.

We’ve recently begun sharing in the platform precise data on the number of leads available from each individual source, primarily as a means for buyers to explore and understand their potential for success. Sure, marketers come looking for more sources, of which we have many, and more sources is a driver of success, but that’s still just a means to an end.

We know that buyers are looking for leads. That’s the inventory they’re looking for, ultimately finding customers. And we believe the closer they can get to customers, the better. So that drives everything we build into the PX platform.

Here’s what it looks like in the dashboard →

That’s just the first step. And when you go a little deeper… this is what you’ll see →

Yes. We’ll tell you down to the traffic channel, specific publisher source and SubID, exactly what you’ve bought — and exactly what you had the potential to buy. The pessimists will call this, “what you missed out on.” We call this, “what you’re able to gain in winning more.”

PX - Potential Reach

The reaction?

Overwhelmingly positive. It’s nice to see or hear the reaction of clients who say, “I had no idea there was that much here!” But that’s the surprising excitement of a potential. Of optimism.

It’s a pretty clear way to open up the black boxes and deliver more wins. Seeing the potential for more quality leads means buyers will want to buy more where it works. And the quality sources will sell more of their inventory to buyers who are happy to get what they came for.


Available Leads is all about having your finger on the pulse of the total supply. It can help buyers choose which sources they want to win more leads from; it can help them decide what filters to apply and even what to bid. We’ll delve deeper into that in Parts 2 and 3 of this series.

There’s no better way to improve your customer acquisition.