How to filter out disconnected numbers to increase your contact rate up to 10%

The burden of disconnected phone numbers

Disconnected phone numbers are a hurdle for any sales rep. Your best reps on their best days can’t close leads they cannot reach. If certain sources contain high amounts of disconnected phone numbers, this can have a big impact on performance. There are several reasons why a lead’s phone number can be disconnected:

  • Someone mistypes their phone number
  • The wrong format is used, or the website/form does not recognize it or format it
  • An invalid or disconnected phone number is used

How PX leverages realPhoneValidation to block up to 95% of disconnected phone numbers.

The PX platform programmatically leverages a phone number validation check, which pings up to 6* different providers to deduce if a phone number is currently in service. If the phone number is not active, these phone numbers can be filtered out automatically.

  • Open the settings menu, [3 dots]
  • Open Verification Services
  • Enable realPhoneValidation
  • Done! Each lead that matches your filters, will programmatically be checked to see if its in service. If the phone number is not in service, you will not buy the lead.


If you are buying leads from the Open Exchange, this check costs $0.00 per POST [free].

This service is also available for Private Marketplaces. Each check will cost $0.05 per POST.