Clearlink Generates a CPA of 44% Below Target Levels

Case Study: Clearlink Zeroed in on Their Best Lead Sources to Reach Open Enrollment Goals.

Open Enrollment is the main event for insurance marketers every year. It’s a period where results are vital to overall success, and it’s an example that clearly shows the power of sales disposition data and how applying it through PX will help deliver the results you need.

Case Study: Clearlink

For leads or calls, PX has proven you can meet your targets. You can do it at scale. And you can look back at a successful year.

Calls: September 2018

Clearlink needed to identify the specific call partners who could deliver the scale they needed to reach goals — with an aggressive CPA target.

Their choice to buy through PX enabled access to multiple call partners simultaneously, through a single point of integration. Early in the campaign, they used the platform’s breadth — over 200 insurance-specific sources — to cast a wide net and identify the expected and unexpected sources who could deliver for them.

Responsiveness became the key to success for Clearlink. Use of sales disposition data enabled PX to quickly identify the best-performing partners. Then, with positive and highly predictable outcomes from those partners, the campaign was scaled with those partners exclusively.

Case Study: Clearlink

The Result

During the open enrollment period, Clearlink was able to generate CPA’s 44% below their normal target levels. They were further able to maintain that success while scaling the campaign in subsequent months. Click here to download a free copy of this case study!