Best Practices: Agility in Uncertain Times

Last week, we had the opportunity to lead this session in partnership with the LeadsCouncil. It’s a pretty rousing 60-minute discussion among Natalie, Bas, and three of our partners about what we’ve seen and how we can all work together in this challenging new world.

Natalie leads it off with 9 examples of best practices we’ve seen in action already.

Virtual Session:
“Best Practices: Agility in Uncertain Times”
Session Date: April 02,2020


What does it truly mean to be agile? It’s always important, but especially so in today’s unprecedented environment of uncertainty.


Discussion and Highlights:

  • Defining agility in business
  • Doing more with less
  • Taking action quickly
  • The Pivot
  • Best practices and recommendations 9 examples of agility in action (begins 1:44)
  • Panel discussion (begins 12:33)
  • Example of a radical shift (begins 25:20)

Meet the Panelists:

  • Rob Seaver, Executive Director – LeadsCouncil
  • Bas Offers, COO & Co-Founder – PX
  • Natalie Peled David, VP Sales – PX
  • Ross Shanken, CEO & Founder – Jornaya
  • Mark Stokes, EVP & General Manager of Inside Sales – Alder Home Security
  • Jose Vargas, President & Co-Founder –

We hope you find it interesting, and we’re here to help. If you’d like to see how the PX platform can improve your agility for buying or selling leads or call, just request a demo!


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