Delivering a Better Way to Test and Find New Sources

Testing new sources to find that right balance between quantity and quality is one of the trickiest aspects of customer acquisition.
It’s messy, chaotic and is no easy task.

For those who can find quality, there is never enough. And for those who can’t, it is an endless cycle of “try, try again.”

Delivering a Better Way to Test and Find New Sources

In both cases, you’re led to either testing completely new sources without a track record, or going back to the well with an old source, hoping for a new result.Neither is desirable, because both can put a hole in your budget while getting you nowhere.

PX Private Marketplaces provides a better way to seamlessly onboard and test sources, and improve your rates of success with each. Onboarding a new source is quick and painless as there is no technical work needed from you. Plus, you have the tools and insights to immediately measure results and course-correct to improve them.

No technical integrations for you.

Once you have an integration with the PX platform, every additional source you choose to add can be integrated directly into PX. All of it is completed by a team of PX integration specialists. Once completed, we provide a simple token for you to directly connect with them.

Full visibility.

The most vital part of testing is getting a timely view of results. So, with PX, you get full visibility into every campaign with detailed performance metrics. You can measure each and every campaign to see results by traffic channels and types, specific sub-sources, and lead attribute levels.

Tools and controls.

A full complement of tools and controls are embedded to help you quickly and easily adapt pricing and make optimizations. So when you see results and have an insight, you can act immediately.

One contract, one invoice.

Every source you add through PX is covered under your PX agreement. This saves valuable time and resources.

Source Testing through PX is an approach that saves time and removes the hassles of contract and integration for every new source. And you’re more likely to succeed because you can quickly adapt to results and right-price the leads to your advantage.


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