An Experienced Driver Who Delivers the Performance You Need

Quality leads that turn into customers are critical to achieving your business’ growth objectives. The reality is that running quality lead campaigns that are on budget requires a steady hand.

Buyers often find themselves in situations where they let campaigns run on cruise control. They either believe no attention is needed, they lack the tools or insights necessary, or there simply isn’t enough time in the day to manage campaigns.

An Experienced Driver Who Delivers the Performance You Need

This is a risky business. It can quickly dry up your budgets or leave you short on the leads required to reach your growth and sales targets. So why let your campaigns sail adrift simply hope for the best?

The critical role of management.

When you migrate sources to PX, you immediately have more options. You can manage your campaigns directly, or they can be managed by a PX Campaign Management Team — an expert on the platform. Either way, you get the experience and savvy of a professional using your target results as their KPI.

Choosing Managed Services.

If you choose the Managed Services option, we approach each and every campaign with a structured, four-pronged approach to drive improved outcomes, in line with your business objectives.

Disposition Analysis
Recommended bidding actions and optimizations
Applying recommendations in PX
Continuous monitoring of results

This approach, in conjunction with your periodic input, maintains a constant focus on driving the maximum performance out of your budget. This approach also provides the critical feedback loop to consistently hit your budgets month after month.

Keeping your goals front and center.

We don’t generate the leads. We focus, however, on helping you achieve your targets. All leads coming through PX are sourced through your partners or agreed-upon third-party sources. This eliminates any conflict of interest and assures that our goals are aligned with your goals.


More Benefits from PX Private Marketplaces (PMP):

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