Fine tune your lead sources. You’ll see and feel a difference in performance.

You have a good system, but here’s a better way to skin the cat. With PX Private Marketplaces you can quickly fine-tune pricing, reverse negative trends, and extract better performance from every lead source you manage. It’s a new lens to view lead sources plus new tools to optimize, without replacing the sources you trust.

Fine Tuning Your Sources to Improve Outcomes Across the Board

So get out of the ROI rut that inevitably arises from time to time. Hit your targets consistently, instead of sometimes. Increase the scale of “good leads” without breaking the bank to get the results you need.

To find the solution, 
first, understand the problem.

PX starts by giving you new visibility into the leads you’re buying from your sources. You can see precisely where each lead comes from, down to the page and form that was completed.

Then, using your sales disposition data, PX provides a feedback loop of performance insights on all aspects of your campaigns. This provides a deeper view and prediction of your total sales performance at the upper stages of your sales funnel.

PX then creates indicators of high or low performance broken down into the traffic channels and types, specific sub-sources and lead attributes. They enable you to identify areas that are just right for your campaigns. Armed with this new knowledge, you understand the actual value of leads and can price them accordingly.

Scaling the good.

To scale campaigns with the best performing sources, start by making sure there are more leads to be had. Then be sure that you’re pricing high enough to win more volume. PX provides critical data points to deliver you this insight. Available Leads, for example, shows you the full availability of potential leads, based on your targeting criteria. With that, you can better determine pricing strategy.

Don’t be so quick to pause.

The right price for an underperforming lead is not always zero. If you find leads that are underperforming at least some of the time, it simply means that you’ve paid too much. PX enables you to do this and pay the price that leads are actually worth to you — not a dime more. Right pricing underperforming sources not only frees up budget to win more from the top performers, it also eliminates the need to stop and start campaigns.

Keep it consistent. Make it sustainable.

Research and historic results show that the best performing campaigns include multiple partners and more price points consistently over time. Taking an approach that adjusts levels for each source, on both an ongoing basis and a granular level, ensures that you have the agility to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace, generate volume, and sustain long term growth.