Nexus Enterprise Solutions

“By utilizing PX, Nexus Enterprise Solutions have been able to buy exclusive and shared leads. We appreciate very much the fact that we can have different tiered campaigns with different bidding strategies.

We are really happy with PX’s full automation that enables us to control the whole process. It’s like having a self-service account.”

– Karl Webber, CEO – Nexus Enterprise Solutions

Inside Response

“Real-time reporting gives us insight in the scoring of the leads, granular breakdowns in disposition reasons of returns and access to real-time statistics including source ID breakdowns.

In addition, we are in charge to manage sources and caps. The customer service is amazing and the consultant approach really helped us optimize our campaigns.”

– Nick Admire, Director of Marketing – Inside Response


“The PX platform has enabled us to actively run leads, calls, and clicks. With PX, we have observed a reduction in wasted time on bad leads. We were thrilled with PX, data sharing transparency, which helps us to identify issues in conversion.

Additionally, using PX resulted in the improvement of our conversion process.”

– Matt Curtis, Director of Marketing – Defenders