Home Security Offer Guidelines

1. All traffic/campaigns/creatives must be approved to run – see full guidelines below.

2. Absolutely no promotional, co-registration or incentivized leads or ads are allowed.

3. If you are running a search for home security, you must provide us with any and all URLs that you and/or your affiliates are using to promote our home security offers- this includes using our API, jump pages to our campaigns, and pages that have toll free numbers that go to our call programs.

4. Social / Ad Copy (all applicable platforms) must be provided for review

5. The TCPA disclaimer must be shown at all times with a submit button in a legible font size and color.

  • Font Size Requirements: Min 12px – Max 16px.  Contrast and Background color taken into account.
  • Branded:  TCPA disclaimers must be located above the submit button/CTA. Case-by-case reviews are applicable.

6. TCPA disclaimer should match in style and content to the below example. CTA/Submit button must match text within disclaimer. Slight alterations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • By clicking Get My Quotes, I authorize security companies including ADT, Alarm Advisors, Alliance, BRINKS Home Security, FrontPoint, LifeShield, Protect America, Protect Your Home – ADT Authorized Premier Provider, SafeStreetsUSA – ADT Authorized Dealer, Vivint, their dealers, home services companies and marketing partners to contact me about security offers by phone calls, emails and text messages to the number and email I provided above. I authorize that these marketing communications may be delivered to me using an automatic telephone dialing system or by a prerecorded message even if my number is on the “Do Not Call” list. I understand that my consent is not a condition of purchase and that standard message and data rates may apply.I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. California Residents.

  • TCPA Disclaimer Content Guidelines:
    • TCPA language must contain a link to an updated & valid partner list.  Partner list must include entries from: https://api.px.com/offers-guideline/security/top-home-security-companies/
    • TCPA language must contain links to valid and updated:
      • Privacy Policies and Terms that open in new windows, or within pops w/navigation.
    • TCPA language should contain information directing consumers to either:
      • a Do Not Contact request form, and/or have valid and updated California Consumer Privacy Regulations linked. PX can request specific call-out within TCPA disclaimers if required on certain campaigns, etc.
      • 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act information MUST be included either within Privacy Policy, or as a separate link within the TCPA disclaimer.

7. Pages should include a Privacy Policy, Terms, California Consumer Information links.

8. Use of the Protect Your Home Logo:

  • The logo can only be shown once in an image per page/website.
  • The ‘Protect Your Home’ must be as tall or taller than the ADT logo shape.
  • Can only use the Protect Your Home logo in conjunction with the ADT stop logo sign.
  • Please reach out to your PX contact to ensure that you have the most updated ADT-Protect Your Home logos / imagery.

9. Cannot use “Free” in domain names, email addresses or phone numbers.

10. Cannot use “ADT” or any variations such as “A.D.T.” in domain names, email address, or phone numbers, without prior approval.

11. No Defender trade names in their URL, including “Protect Your Home,” “Defender Direct,” “Enjoy Better TV,” “True Energy Smart Air,” and “True Home Solutions.”

11. Cannot use scare tactics, i.e. “Burglary rate have risen 50% in your area!”

12. Cannot claim huge savings without any substantiation. 

13. No messaging designed to create a false sense of urgency.

14. For liability reasons, please use “help” when referring to services provided, i.e. “help protect” or “help secure”

15. No links on your page/website that goes directly to the corporate ADT site.

16. When offering “Limited Time Offers”, “Special Offers”, “Sale”, etc. they must be real and need written approval.

17.  None of the keywords (listed below) are allowed to be used in ads, titles, content, domain URLs or websites.

18. For all pay per call offers: no outbound transfers are allowed, only inbound calls from consumers.

19. For General email traffic, mentions of ADT or Vivint are prohibited, this includes From lines, Subject lines, images, body, etc. 

20. For Branded email traffic, PX can provide approved From and Subject lines, as well as creative guidance.  All email related assets require / proofs required approval.

21. Publisher agrees that it will download and remove the domains located on the FCC’s wireless domain names list (http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/policy/DomainNameDownload.html) from all current data used in emailing for Offers. Affiliate further warrants that any new data that it acquires, regardless of its source, will be compared against the FCC’s wireless domain names list and that domain names contained therein will be removed before sending any emails.

22. All sites must have Jornaya LeadId implemented, with an available Jornaya Entity. TrustedForm is a plus.

Implementing Jornaya LeadId:
To start generating the Jornaya LeadId token on your leads from your page, a script needs to be added to your website. Click this link for guidance on how to implement this script.

Implementing TrustedForm:
To start generating the TrustedForm CertURL on your leads from your page, a script needs to be added to your website. Click this link for guidance on how to implement this script.

Keyword Restrictions:*

*No trademarked terms or security company names/keywords including misspellings.

Affiliates are strictly prohibited from bidding on any ADT Brand Keywords. “ADT Brand Keywords” means any keyword or keyword phrase that contains any ADT Security Services, Inc. registered trademark or known variant thereof, e.g. ADT, ADT Alarm, ADT Security, ADT Phone Number, etc. Please see the embedded chart above for a non-exhaustive list of prohibited brand keywords. Click here to review full ADT Brand Guidelines.

Click here to export keyword restrictions.

ADT Branded Keywords Match Types
a d t Exact/Phrase
a d t alarm Exact/Phrase
a d t alarm battery Exact/Phrase
a d t alarm panel Exact/Phrase
a d t alarm system Exact/Phrase
a d t app Exact/Phrase
a d t authorized dealer Exact/Phrase
a d t battery Exact/Phrase
a d t bundle Exact/Phrase
a d t camera Exact/Phrase
a d t canopy Exact/Phrase
a d t com Exact/Phrase
a d t contact Exact/Phrase
a d t contact number Exact/Phrase
a d t cost Exact/Phrase
a d t coupon Exact/Phrase
a d t coupons Exact/Phrase
a d t customer service Exact/Phrase
a d t dealer Exact/Phrase
a d t deals Exact/Phrase
a d t decal Exact/Phrase
a d t defender Exact/Phrase
a d t discounts Exact/Phrase
a d t help Exact/Phrase
a d t home Exact/Phrase
a d t home security Exact/Phrase
a d t home security suport Exact/Phrase
a d t home security system Exact/Phrase
a d t installation Exact/Phrase
a d t key fob Exact/Phrase
a d t keypad Exact/Phrase
a d t login Exact/Phrase
a d t monitoring Exact/Phrase
a d t monthly fee Exact/Phrase
a d t net Exact/Phrase
a d t number Exact/Phrase
a d t offers Exact/Phrase
a d t official site Exact/Phrase
a d t packages Exact/Phrase
a d t phone number Exact/Phrase
a d t plans Exact/Phrase
a d t prices Exact/Phrase
a d t pricing Exact/Phrase
a d t products Exact/Phrase
a d t promotion Exact/Phrase
a d t protect your home Exact/Phrase
a d t pulse Exact/Phrase
a d t pulse app Exact/Phrase
a d t pulse app not working Exact/Phrase
a d t pulse camera Exact/Phrase
a d t pulse com Exact/Phrase
a d t pulse login Exact/Phrase
a d t pulse sign in Exact/Phrase
a d t quote Exact/Phrase
a d t rates Exact/Phrase
a d t reviews Exact/Phrase
a d t safewatch pro 3000 Exact/Phrase
a d t security Exact/Phrase
a d t security cost Exact/Phrase
a d t security reviews Exact/Phrase
a d t security service Exact/Phrase
a d t security signs Exact/Phrase
a d t security specials Exact/Phrase
a d t security system Exact/Phrase
a d t service Exact/Phrase
a d t sign Exact/Phrase
a d t sign in Exact/Phrase
a d t specials Exact/Phrase
a d t system Exact/Phrase
a d t troubleshooting Exact/Phrase
a d t wireless Exact/Phrase
a d t yard sign Exact/Phrase
a d talarm Exact/Phrase
a d talarm battery Exact/Phrase
a d talarm panel Exact/Phrase
a d talarm system Exact/Phrase
a d tapp Exact/Phrase
a d tauthorized dealer Exact/Phrase
a d tbattery Exact/Phrase
a d tbundle Exact/Phrase
a d tcamera Exact/Phrase
a d tcanopy Exact/Phrase
a d tcom Exact/Phrase
a d tcontact Exact/Phrase
a d tcontact number Exact/Phrase
a d tcost Exact/Phrase
a d tcoupon Exact/Phrase
a d tcoupons Exact/Phrase
a d tcustomer service Exact/Phrase
a d tdealer Exact/Phrase
a d tdeals Exact/Phrase
a d tdecal Exact/Phrase
a d tdefender Exact/Phrase
a d tdiscounts Exact/Phrase
a d thelp Exact/Phrase
a d thome Exact/Phrase
a d thome security Exact/Phrase
a d thome security suport Exact/Phrase
a d thome security system Exact/Phrase
a d tinstallation Exact/Phrase
a d tkey fob Exact/Phrase
a d tkeypad Exact/Phrase
a d tlogin Exact/Phrase
a d tmonitoring Exact/Phrase
a d tmonthly fee Exact/Phrase
a d tnet Exact/Phrase
a d tnumber Exact/Phrase
a d toffers Exact/Phrase
a d tofficial site Exact/Phrase
a d tpackages Exact/Phrase
a d tphone number Exact/Phrase
a d tplans Exact/Phrase
a d tprices Exact/Phrase
a d tpricing Exact/Phrase
a d tproducts Exact/Phrase
a d tpromotion Exact/Phrase
a d tprotect your home Exact/Phrase
a d tpulse Exact/Phrase
a d tpulse app Exact/Phrase
a d tpulse app not working Exact/Phrase
a d tpulse camera Exact/Phrase
a d tpulse com Exact/Phrase
a d tpulse login Exact/Phrase
a d tpulse sign in Exact/Phrase
a d tquote Exact/Phrase
a d trates Exact/Phrase
a d treviews Exact/Phrase
a d tsafewatch pro 3000 Exact/Phrase
a d tsecurity Exact/Phrase
a d tsecurity cost Exact/Phrase
a d tsecurity reviews Exact/Phrase
a d tsecurity service Exact/Phrase
a d tsecurity signs Exact/Phrase
a d tsecurity specials Exact/Phrase
a d tsecurity system Exact/Phrase
a d tservice Exact/Phrase
a d tsign Exact/Phrase
a d tsign in Exact/Phrase
a d tspecials Exact/Phrase
a d tsystem Exact/Phrase
a d ttroubleshooting Exact/Phrase
a d twireless Exact/Phrase
a d tyard sign Exact/Phrase
a dt Exact/Phrase
a dt alarm Exact/Phrase
a dt alarm battery Exact/Phrase
a dt alarm panel Exact/Phrase
a dt alarm system Exact/Phrase
a dt app Exact/Phrase
a dt authorized dealer Exact/Phrase
a dt battery Exact/Phrase
a dt bundle Exact/Phrase
a dt camera Exact/Phrase
a dt canopy Exact/Phrase
a dt com Exact/Phrase
a dt contact Exact/Phrase
a dt contact number Exact/Phrase
a dt cost Exact/Phrase
a dt coupon Exact/Phrase
a dt coupons Exact/Phrase
a dt customer service Exact/Phrase
a dt dealer Exact/Phrase
a dt deals Exact/Phrase
a dt decal Exact/Phrase
a dt defender Exact/Phrase
a dt discounts Exact/Phrase
a dt help Exact/Phrase
a dt home Exact/Phrase
a dt home security Exact/Phrase
a dt home security suport Exact/Phrase
a dt home security system Exact/Phrase
a dt installation Exact/Phrase
a dt key fob Exact/Phrase
a dt keypad Exact/Phrase
a dt login Exact/Phrase
a dt monitoring Exact/Phrase
a dt monthly fee Exact/Phrase
a dt net Exact/Phrase
a dt number Exact/Phrase
a dt offers Exact/Phrase
a dt official site Exact/Phrase
a dt packages Exact/Phrase
a dt phone number Exact/Phrase
a dt plans Exact/Phrase
a dt prices Exact/Phrase
a dt pricing Exact/Phrase
a dt products Exact/Phrase
a dt promotion Exact/Phrase
a dt protect your home Exact/Phrase
a dt pulse Exact/Phrase
a dt pulse app Exact/Phrase
a dt pulse app not working Exact/Phrase
a dt pulse camera Exact/Phrase
a dt pulse com Exact/Phrase
a dt pulse login Exact/Phrase
a dt pulse sign in Exact/Phrase
a dt quote Exact/Phrase
a dt rates Exact/Phrase
a dt reviews Exact/Phrase
a dt safewatch pro 3000 Exact/Phrase
a dt security Exact/Phrase
a dt security cost Exact/Phrase
a dt security reviews Exact/Phrase
a dt security service Exact/Phrase
a dt security signs Exact/Phrase
a dt security specials Exact/Phrase
a dt security system Exact/Phrase
a dt service Exact/Phrase
a dt sign Exact/Phrase
a dt sign in Exact/Phrase
a dt specials Exact/Phrase
a dt system Exact/Phrase
a dt troubleshooting Exact/Phrase
a dt wireless Exact/Phrase
a dt yard sign Exact/Phrase
a dtalarm Exact/Phrase
a dtalarm battery Exact/Phrase
a dtalarm panel Exact/Phrase
a dtalarm system Exact/Phrase
a dtapp Exact/Phrase
a dtauthorized dealer Exact/Phrase
a dtbattery Exact/Phrase
a dtbundle Exact/Phrase
a dtcamera Exact/Phrase
a dtcanopy Exact/Phrase
a dtcom Exact/Phrase
a dtcontact Exact/Phrase
a dtcontact number Exact/Phrase
a dtcost Exact/Phrase
a dtcoupon Exact/Phrase
a dtcoupons Exact/Phrase
a dtcustomer service Exact/Phrase
a dtdealer Exact/Phrase
a dtdeals Exact/Phrase
a dtdecal Exact/Phrase
a dtdefender Exact/Phrase
a dtdiscounts Exact/Phrase
a dthelp Exact/Phrase
a dthome Exact/Phrase
a dthome security Exact/Phrase
a dthome security suport Exact/Phrase
a dthome security system Exact/Phrase
a dthomesecuirty Exact/Phrase
a dtinstallation Exact/Phrase
a dtkey fob Exact/Phrase
a dtkeypad Exact/Phrase
a dtlogin Exact/Phrase
a dtmonitoring Exact/Phrase
a dtmonthly fee Exact/Phrase
a dtnet Exact/Phrase
a dtnumber Exact/Phrase
a dtoffers Exact/Phrase
a dtofficial site Exact/Phrase
a dtpackages Exact/Phrase
a dtphone number Exact/Phrase
a dtplans Exact/Phrase
a dtprices Exact/Phrase
a dtpricing Exact/Phrase
a dtproducts Exact/Phrase
a dtpromotion Exact/Phrase
a dtprotect your home Exact/Phrase
a dtpulse Exact/Phrase
a dtpulse app Exact/Phrase
a dtpulse app not working Exact/Phrase
a dtpulse camera Exact/Phrase
a dtpulse com Exact/Phrase
a dtpulse login Exact/Phrase
a dtpulse sign in Exact/Phrase
a dtquote Exact/Phrase
a dtrates Exact/Phrase
a dtreviews Exact/Phrase
a dtsafewatch pro 3000 Exact/Phrase
a dtsecurity Exact/Phrase
a dtsecurity cost Exact/Phrase
a dtsecurity reviews Exact/Phrase
a dtsecurity service Exact/Phrase
a dtsecurity signs Exact/Phrase
a dtsecurity specials Exact/Phrase
a dtsecurity system Exact/Phrase
a dtservice Exact/Phrase
a dtsign Exact/Phrase
a dtsign in Exact/Phrase
a dtspecials Exact/Phrase
a dtsystem Exact/Phrase
a dttroubleshooting Exact/Phrase
a dtwireless Exact/Phrase
a dtyard sign Exact/Phrase
ad t Exact/Phrase
ad t alarm Exact/Phrase
ad t alarm battery Exact/Phrase
ad t alarm panel Exact/Phrase
ad t alarm system Exact/Phrase
ad t app Exact/Phrase
ad t authorized dealer Exact/Phrase
ad t battery Exact/Phrase
ad t bundle Exact/Phrase
ad t camera Exact/Phrase
ad t canopy Exact/Phrase
ad t com Exact/Phrase
ad t contact Exact/Phrase
ad t contact number Exact/Phrase
ad t cost Exact/Phrase
ad t coupon Exact/Phrase
ad t coupons Exact/Phrase
ad t customer service Exact/Phrase
ad t dealer Exact/Phrase
ad t deals Exact/Phrase
ad t decal Exact/Phrase
ad t defender Exact/Phrase
ad t discounts Exact/Phrase
ad t help Exact/Phrase
ad t home Exact/Phrase
ad t home security Exact/Phrase
ad t home security suport Exact/Phrase
ad t home security system Exact/Phrase
ad t installation Exact/Phrase
ad t key fob Exact/Phrase
ad t keypad Exact/Phrase
ad t login Exact/Phrase
ad t monitoring Exact/Phrase
ad t monthly fee Exact/Phrase
ad t net Exact/Phrase
ad t number Exact/Phrase
ad t offers Exact/Phrase
ad t official site Exact/Phrase
ad t packages Exact/Phrase
ad t phone number Exact/Phrase
ad t plans Exact/Phrase
ad t prices Exact/Phrase
ad t pricing Exact/Phrase
ad t products Exact/Phrase
ad t promotion Exact/Phrase
ad t protect your home Exact/Phrase
ad t pulse Exact/Phrase
ad t pulse app Exact/Phrase
ad t pulse app not working Exact/Phrase
ad t pulse camera Exact/Phrase
ad t pulse com Exact/Phrase
ad t pulse login Exact/Phrase
ad t pulse sign in Exact/Phrase
ad t quote Exact/Phrase
ad t rates Exact/Phrase
ad t reviews Exact/Phrase
ad t safewatch pro 3000 Exact/Phrase
ad t security Exact/Phrase
ad t security cost Exact/Phrase
ad t security reviews Exact/Phrase
ad t security service Exact/Phrase
ad t security signs Exact/Phrase
ad t security specials Exact/Phrase
ad t security system Exact/Phrase
ad t service Exact/Phrase
ad t sign Exact/Phrase
ad t sign in Exact/Phrase
ad t specials Exact/Phrase
ad t system Exact/Phrase
ad t troubleshooting Exact/Phrase
ad t wireless Exact/Phrase
ad t yard sign Exact/Phrase
ad talarm Exact/Phrase
ad talarm battery Exact/Phrase
ad talarm panel Exact/Phrase
ad talarm system Exact/Phrase
ad tapp Exact/Phrase
ad tauthorized dealer Exact/Phrase
ad tbattery Exact/Phrase
ad tbundle Exact/Phrase
ad tcamera Exact/Phrase
ad tcanopy Exact/Phrase
ad tcom Exact/Phrase
ad tcontact Exact/Phrase
ad tcontact number Exact/Phrase
ad tcost Exact/Phrase
ad tcoupon Exact/Phrase
ad tcoupons Exact/Phrase
ad tcustomer service Exact/Phrase
ad tdealer Exact/Phrase
ad tdeals Exact/Phrase
ad tdecal Exact/Phrase
ad tdefender Exact/Phrase
ad tdiscounts Exact/Phrase
ad thelp Exact/Phrase
ad thome Exact/Phrase
ad thome security Exact/Phrase
ad thome security suport Exact/Phrase
ad thome security system Exact/Phrase
ad tinstallation Exact/Phrase
ad tkey fob Exact/Phrase
ad tkeypad Exact/Phrase
ad tlogin Exact/Phrase
ad tmonitoring Exact/Phrase
ad tmonthly fee Exact/Phrase
ad tnet Exact/Phrase
ad tnumber Exact/Phrase
ad toffers Exact/Phrase
ad tofficial site Exact/Phrase
ad tpackages Exact/Phrase
ad tphone number Exact/Phrase
ad tplans Exact/Phrase
ad tprices Exact/Phrase
ad tpricing Exact/Phrase
ad tproducts Exact/Phrase
ad tpromotion Exact/Phrase
ad tprotect your home Exact/Phrase
ad tpulse Exact/Phrase
ad tpulse app Exact/Phrase
ad tpulse app not working Exact/Phrase
ad tpulse camera Exact/Phrase
ad tpulse com Exact/Phrase
ad tpulse login Exact/Phrase
ad tpulse sign in Exact/Phrase
ad tquote Exact/Phrase
ad trates Exact/Phrase
ad treviews Exact/Phrase
ad tsafewatch pro 3000 Exact/Phrase
ad tsecurity Exact/Phrase
ad tsecurity cost Exact/Phrase
ad tsecurity reviews Exact/Phrase
ad tsecurity service Exact/Phrase
ad tsecurity signs Exact/Phrase
ad tsecurity specials Exact/Phrase
ad tsecurity system Exact/Phrase
ad tservice Exact/Phrase
ad tsign Exact/Phrase
ad tsign in Exact/Phrase
ad tspecials Exact/Phrase
ad tsystem Exact/Phrase
ad ttroubleshooting Exact/Phrase
ad twireless Exact/Phrase
ad tyard sign Exact/Phrase
adt Exact/Phrase
adt alabama Exact/Phrase
adt alarm Exact/Phrase
adt alarm battery Exact/Phrase
adt alarm panel Exact/Phrase
adt alarm system Exact/Phrase
adt alarm systems Exact/Phrase
adt alarme Exact/Phrase
adt alarmes Exact/Phrase
adt alarms Exact/Phrase
adt albuquerque Exact/Phrase
adt anaheim Exact/Phrase
adt anchorage Exact/Phrase
adt app Exact/Phrase
adt arizona Exact/Phrase
adt arkansas Exact/Phrase
adt arlington Exact/Phrase
adt atlanta Exact/Phrase
adt aurora Exact/Phrase
adt austin Exact/Phrase
adt authorized dealer Exact/Phrase
adt bakersfield Exact/Phrase
adt baltimore Exact/Phrase
adt baton rouge Exact/Phrase
adt battery Exact/Phrase
adt boise Exact/Phrase
adt boston Exact/Phrase
adt buffalo Exact/Phrase
adt bundle Exact/Phrase
adt business Exact/Phrase
adt business alarm Exact/Phrase
adt business security Exact/Phrase
adt california Exact/Phrase
adt camera Exact/Phrase
adt canada Exact/Phrase
adt canopy Exact/Phrase
adt chandler Exact/Phrase
adt charlotte Exact/Phrase
adt chesapeake Exact/Phrase
adt chicago Exact/Phrase
adt chula vista Exact/Phrase
adt cincinnati Exact/Phrase
adt cleveland Exact/Phrase
adt colorado Exact/Phrase
adt colorado springs Exact/Phrase
adt columbus Exact/Phrase
adt com Exact/Phrase
adt commercial Exact/Phrase
adt commercial security Exact/Phrase
adt connecticut Exact/Phrase
adt contact Exact/Phrase
adt contact number Exact/Phrase
adt corpus christi Exact/Phrase
adt cost Exact/Phrase
adt coupon Exact/Phrase
adt coupons Exact/Phrase
adt custom Exact/Phrase
adt custom home Exact/Phrase
adt custom security Exact/Phrase
adt customer service Exact/Phrase
adt d.c. Exact/Phrase
adt dallas Exact/Phrase
adt dealer Exact/Phrase
adt deals Exact/Phrase
adt decal Exact/Phrase
adt defender Exact/Phrase
adt delaware Exact/Phrase
adt denver Exact/Phrase
adt des moines Exact/Phrase
adt detroit Exact/Phrase
adt discounts Exact/Phrase
adt durham Exact/Phrase
adt el paso Exact/Phrase
adt florida Exact/Phrase
adt fort wayne Exact/Phrase
adt fort worth Exact/Phrase
adt fresno Exact/Phrase
adt georgia Exact/Phrase
adt gilbert Exact/Phrase
adt glendale Exact/Phrase
adt greensboro Exact/Phrase
adt help Exact/Phrase
adt henderson Exact/Phrase
adt home Exact/Phrase
adt home monitoring Exact/Phrase
adt home security Exact/Phrase
adt home security suport Exact/Phrase
adt home security system Exact/Phrase
adt houston Exact/Phrase
adt idaho Exact/Phrase
adt illinois Exact/Phrase
adt in alabama Exact/Phrase
adt in albuquerque Exact/Phrase
adt in anaheim Exact/Phrase
adt in anchorage Exact/Phrase
adt in arizona Exact/Phrase
adt in arkansas Exact/Phrase
adt in arlington Exact/Phrase
adt in atlanta Exact/Phrase
adt in aurora Exact/Phrase
adt in austin Exact/Phrase
adt in bakersfield Exact/Phrase
adt in baltimore Exact/Phrase
adt in baton rouge Exact/Phrase
adt in boise Exact/Phrase
adt in boston Exact/Phrase
adt in buffalo Exact/Phrase
adt in california Exact/Phrase
adt in chandler Exact/Phrase
adt in charlotte Exact/Phrase
adt in chesapeake Exact/Phrase
adt in chicago Exact/Phrase
adt in chula vista Exact/Phrase
adt in cincinnati Exact/Phrase
adt in cleveland Exact/Phrase
adt in colorado Exact/Phrase
adt in colorado springs Exact/Phrase
adt in columbus Exact/Phrase
adt in connecticut Exact/Phrase
adt in corpus christi Exact/Phrase
adt in d.c. Exact/Phrase
adt in dallas Exact/Phrase
adt in dc Exact/Phrase
adt in delaware Exact/Phrase
adt in denver Exact/Phrase
adt in des moines Exact/Phrase
adt in detroit Exact/Phrase
adt in durham Exact/Phrase
adt in el paso Exact/Phrase
adt in florida Exact/Phrase
adt in fort wayne Exact/Phrase
adt in fort worth Exact/Phrase
adt in fresno Exact/Phrase
adt in georgia Exact/Phrase
adt in gilbert Exact/Phrase
adt in glendale Exact/Phrase
adt in greensboro Exact/Phrase
adt in henderson Exact/Phrase
adt in houston Exact/Phrase
adt in idaho Exact/Phrase
adt in illinois Exact/Phrase
adt in indiana Exact/Phrase
adt in indianapolis Exact/Phrase
adt in iowa Exact/Phrase
adt in irvine Exact/Phrase
adt in irving Exact/Phrase
adt in jacksonville Exact/Phrase
adt in jersey city Exact/Phrase
adt in kansas Exact/Phrase
adt in kansas city Exact/Phrase
adt in kentucky Exact/Phrase
adt in l.a. Exact/Phrase
adt in la Exact/Phrase
adt in laredo Exact/Phrase
adt in las vegas Exact/Phrase
adt in lexington Exact/Phrase
adt in lincoln Exact/Phrase
adt in long beach Exact/Phrase
adt in los angeles Exact/Phrase
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