Mortgage Offer Guidelines

1. The TCPA disclaimer must be shown at all times with a submit button in a legible font size and color.

  • Font Size Requirements: Min 12px – Max 16px. Contrast and Background color taken into account.
  • Branded: TCPA disclaimers must be located above the submit button/CTA. Case-by-case reviews are applicable.

2. TCPA disclaimer should match in style and content to the below example. CTA/Submit button must match text within disclaimer. Slight alterations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • We take your privacy seriously. By clicking “Get My Quotes” you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and to share your information with up to 5 participating lenders and other marketing partners, which may include the lenders, their brokers and partners (including home services companies) and for them to contact you at the phone number and email provided above about mortgage/refinance and other non-mortgage offers (including through automated means; e.g. auto-dialing, text and pre-recorded messaging) via telephone, mobile device (including SMS and MMS) and/or email, even if your telephone number is currently listed on any state, federal or corporate Do Not Call list. Consent is not required as a condition to purchase a good/service and standard message and data rates may apply. California Notice.

  • TCPA Disclaimer Content Guidelines:
    • TCPA language must contain a link to an updated & valid partner list.  Partner list must include entries from:
    • TCPA language must contain links to valid and updated:
      • Privacy Policies and Terms that open in new windows, or within pops w/navigation.
    • TCPA language should contain information directing consumers to either:
      • a Do Not Contact request form, and/or have valid and updated California Consumer Privacy Regulations linked. PX can request specific call-out within TCPA disclaimers if required on certain campaigns, etc.
      • 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act information MUST be included either within Privacy Policy, or as a separate link within the TCPA disclaimer.

3. Pages should include valid Privacy Policy and Terms links.

4. Any rates provided must be real-time and sourced like:

5. Leads must not be generated from the following URLs:


6. No brand bidding.

    • Six Phrase Match negatives.

“lending tree”
“lending” (lending isn’t a good keyword anyway)

  • Do not bid on any specific bank or lender’s company name (or their misspellings) including, but not limited to: Quicken, Bank of America, CitiMortgage, etc.
  • Please do not bid on other branded terms, such as degreetree, servicetree, doneright, (or the two word or .com versions of these, etc.), or on misspellings of any of our branded terms. As long as you’re not bidding on these, you don’t need to add them as negatives.
  • Please send your traffic to your own affiliate-owned domain (not a LendingTree branded domain, or subdomain). It’s OK if the form is “Powered by LendingTree”, but there can be no violations of Google’s double serving policy associated with LendingTree.

7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google, Bing, Yahoo.

  • Vendor may not bid on any of AAG’s trademarked terms, including any variations or misspellings thereof for Search or Content-based campaigns on Google, MSN, Yahoo, or any other Search Engine.
  • Vendor may not use AAG’s trademarked terms in sequence with any other keyword (i.e. AAG Info Kit).
  • Vendor may not use trademarked terms in Ad Title, Ad Copy, Display Name, or as the Display URL.
  • It’s the Vendor’s responsibility to exclude AAG’s trademarked terms within their advertising system, and it’s strongly suggested to add AAG’s trademarked terms as negative keywords. AAG has a strict, no tolerance policy on pay per click (PPC)/SEM trademark bidding.
  • Trademark Terms include AAG,, AAG Reverse Mortgage, AAG Reverse, AAGReverse,,, Reverse Mortgage Expert, Reverse Mortgage Experts, RM Experts, ReverseMortgage.Expert,, RM Educator.

8. Publisher agrees that it will download and remove the domains located on the FCC’s wireless domain names list ( from all current data used in emailing for Offers. Affiliate further warrants that any new data that it acquires, regardless of its source, will be compared against the FCC’s wireless domain names list and that domain names contained therein will be removed before sending any emails.

9. All sites must have Jornaya Leadid implemented, with an available Jornaya Entity. TrustedForm is a plus.

Keyword restrictions:*

*No trademarked terms including misspellings.
Click here to export keyword restrictions.

Keyword Match Types
AAG Exact/Phrase
AAG Reverse Exact/Phrase
AAG Reverse Mortgage Exact/Phrase Exact/Phrase
AAGReverse Exact/Phrase Exact/Phrase Exact/Phrase
Gershfeld Law Group Exact/Phrase
kwicken loans adjustable rate mortgages Exact/Phrase
kwicken loans fha loans Exact/Phrase
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kwicken loans fixed rate mortgages Exact/Phrase
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kwicken loans pre approval Exact/Phrase
kwicken loans rates 15 year Exact/Phrase
kwicken loans rates 30 year Exact/Phrase
kwicken mortgage calculator Exact/Phrase
kwicken mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
kwicken refinance loans Exact/Phrase
kwicken reverse mortgage Exact/Phrase
loan depot Exact/Phrase
laondepot Exact/Phrase
loandepo Exact/Phrase
loandepot Exact/Phrase
Mediator Law Group Exact/Phrase
Quicen Loan Exact/Phrase
Quicen Loans Exact/Phrase
QuicenLoan Exact/Phrase
QuicenLoans Exact/Phrase
Quicer Loan Exact/Phrase
QuicerLoan Exact/Phrase
QuicerLoans Exact/Phrase
quick and loans Exact/Phrase
Quick en Loan Exact/Phrase
Quick en Loans Exact/Phrase
quick n loans Exact/Phrase
quickandloans Exact/Phrase
Quicken Exact/Phrase
quicken adjustable rate mortgages Exact/Phrase
quicken arm mortgages Exact/Phrase
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quicken harp loans Exact/Phrase
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quicken loans mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
quicken loans pre approval Exact/Phrase
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quicken loans rocket mortgage Exact/Phrase
quicken loans sign in Exact/Phrase
quicken loans va loans Exact/Phrase
quicken low mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
quicken mortgage Exact/Phrase
quicken mortgage calculator Exact/Phrase
quicken mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
quicken pre approval Exact/Phrase
quicken quick approval Exact/Phrase
quicken rates Exact/Phrase
quicken rates 15 year Exact/Phrase
quicken rates 30 year Exact/Phrase
quicken rates today Exact/Phrase
quicken refinance loans Exact/Phrase
quicken reverse mortgage Exact/Phrase
quicken rocket Exact/Phrase
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quicken variable rate mortgages Exact/Phrase
quickenloan Exact/Phrase
quickenloan com Exact/Phrase
quickenloans Exact/Phrase
quickenloans com Exact/Phrase Exact/Phrase
Quickens Exact/Phrase
Quicker Loan Exact/Phrase
Quicker Loans Exact/Phrase
QuickerLoan Exact/Phrase
QuickerLoans Exact/Phrase
quicknloans Exact/Phrase
quiken arm mortgages Exact/Phrase
quiken compare rates Exact/Phrase
quiken du refi plus Exact/Phrase
quiken fha loans Exact/Phrase
quiken first time buyer Exact/Phrase
quiken harp loans Exact/Phrase
quiken home loans Exact/Phrase
Quiken Loan Exact/Phrase
Quiken Loans Exact/Phrase
quiken loans adjustable rate mortgages Exact/Phrase
quiken loans compare rates Exact/Phrase
quiken loans current rates Exact/Phrase
quiken loans fixed rate mortgages Exact/Phrase
quiken loans harp loans Exact/Phrase
quiken loans home loans Exact/Phrase
quiken loans mortgage calculator Exact/Phrase
quiken loans mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
quiken loans rates 15 year Exact/Phrase
quiken loans rates 30 year Exact/Phrase
quiken loans refinance loans Exact/Phrase
quiken loans reverse mortgage Exact/Phrase
quiken loans reviews Exact/Phrase
quiken loans rocket mortgage Exact/Phrase
quiken loans va loans Exact/Phrase
quiken low mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
quiken mortgage Exact/Phrase
quiken rates 30 year Exact/Phrase
quiken rates today Exact/Phrase
quiken refinance Exact/Phrase
quiken secure advantage loans Exact/Phrase
quiken va loans Exact/Phrase
QuikenLoan Exact/Phrase
QuikenLoans Exact/Phrase
Quiker Loan Exact/Phrase
Quiker Loans Exact/Phrase
QuikerLoan Exact/Phrase
QuikerLoans Exact/Phrase
Reverse Mortgage Expert Exact/Phrase
Reverse Mortgage Experts Exact/Phrase
ReverseMortgage.Expert Exact/Phrase
RM Educator Exact/Phrase
RM Experts Exact/Phrase Exact/Phrase
rocket loan Exact/Phrase
rocket loans Exact/Phrase
rocket loans adjustable rate mortgages Exact/Phrase
rocket loans arm mortgages Exact/Phrase
rocket loans compare rates Exact/Phrase
rocket loans competitive pricing Exact/Phrase
rocket loans first time buyer Exact/Phrase
rocket loans harp loans Exact/Phrase
rocket loans home affordable refinance program Exact/Phrase
rocket loans home loans Exact/Phrase
rocket loans low mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
rocket loans mortgage calculator Exact/Phrase
rocket loans rates today Exact/Phrase
rocket loans refinance Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage arm mortgages Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage competitive pricing Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage du refi plus Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage first time buyer Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage fixed rate mortgages Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage harp loans Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage lp relief Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage mortgage Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage pre approval Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage quick approval Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage rates Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage rates 15 year Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage rates 30 year Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage refinance loans Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage reviews Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgage va loans Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgages Exact/Phrase
rocket mortgagge Exact/Phrase
rocket quicken Exact/Phrase
rocket quicken loans Exact/Phrase
Rocketloan Exact/Phrase
rocketloans Exact/Phrase
rocketmortgage Exact/Phrase Exact/Phrase
www quicken Exact/Phrase
www quicken loans Exact/Phrase
www quickenloan Exact/Phrase
www quickenloans Exact/Phrase
www quickenloanscom Exact/Phrase Exact/Phrase

Last updated: June 2020